Lead Guitar


“I am is a guitar player, plain and simple. I live to play music, experience music, teach music and be involved in this incredible music community we have here in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.” JT has spread his talent around, playing with numerous bands and individual artists throughout the Seattle area:



Klover Jane

As part of the Seattle band KLOVER JANE, filling out the two guitar attack with a huge and easily recognizable sound, JT lets loose his heavier style. The band released ‘Sacred’ on Dec 2nd 2014, comprised of the previous releases “Rock-n-Rolla EP & Tattoo’d Kandy EP and some new tracks and are set to rock in 2015. With a strong, loyal fanbase, Klover Jane has continued to make its presence known in the Seattle music scene.


Jamie Nova Band

JT Phillips works as the lead guitarist for the Jamie Nova Band. When she is away from her hard rock band Witchburn, Jamie & JT perform her solo material including songs from her ‘Softer Side’ CD. Jamie Nova possesses an emotional and powerful voice which rings true over her solo, “Softer Side’ material in which JT helped bring to life in their initial duo acoustic format. And with the addition of Rick Friel on Bass and Chris Kiger on the Djembe, the music from the Jamie Nova Band now has the power of a full acoustic band to back her musical vision and strong emotional vocals.


Garrett Whitney and the Outlaw Gruntry Band

This band formed around Garrett’s songs and the guitar work of JT, which combine the best elements Grunge and Country with a fresh and raw delivery. Together, Garrett and J.T perform as a duo acoustic act or with the full Outlaw Gruntry Band.




Rane Stone & Years of War

JT is part of ‘Years of War’ the hard rock side of Rane Stone. The driving rhythms, soaring vocals and dual guitar work make this band a force in the Seattle music scene. JT has alos been the long time musical companion of Rane Stone, being the sonic companion to Rane’s powerful vocals and well-written songs in a duo acoustic format. And, for awhile, as part of ‘Rane Stone & The Dead Roots Revival’ a band fronted by Mr. Rane Stone, which showcased his songwriting and lyrical content in a powerhouse of musical sound.




Glenn Cannon’s Barstool Prophets

Glenn Cannon’s Barstool Prophets came about as a result of friends just wanting to share their love of musicas much as possible. Glenn, who fronts the local Seattle band ‘Windowpane’ was always out playing acoustic shows in the various bars around Seattle. JT began joining him for night after night of acoustic hard rock and from that the ‘Barstool Prophets were born when Will Andrews, Cameron Lewis and Chris Kiger were added to the mix with the first official show at the Hard Rock Café in Seattle, WA



Other Solo Artists

JT also guests with other local artists and bands around the Seattle area, playing acoustic shows with Brandon Wisley, a talented front man with the local Seattle band Black Diamond as well as two outstanding tribute bands, Leed Zeppelin (Tribute to Led Zeppelin) & Sweet Child (G’n’R Tribute). Kevin James Hoffman, a versatile singer with a flair for the high notes. When he is not busy with his band Scarecrow Messiah or the tribute bands Outshined (Tribute to Soundgarden) and Jar of Flies (A.I.C. Tribute band), Kevin and JT perform hours of originals and cover songs in a duo acoustic format. And he has also known to sit in with the local Seattle acoustic powerhouse, ‘The Fiasco’.



Tribute Bands – Jar of Files and Outshined

He is involved, as a guitar player, in two of the Northwest’s premier tribute bands, Jar of Flies (Alice in Chains Tribute Band) and Outshined (Soundgarden/Temple of the Dog Tribute Band). The tribute bands are just that, a tribute to some of the best music ever written. They are a gathering of top local musicians with an addiction to live energy, showmanship and a powerful sonic experience…they don’t try to look like the bands, act like the bands, or try to be the bands; they just make sure they sound EXACTLY like the albums. Period. It’s all about the music.


“As a tribute band we don’t do our own arrangements or try to make them our own. This is no frills, no bells, and no whistles… The people that come to our shows are not “our” fans…they are fans of the bands, and it is all about the music that they love and cherish so deeply. We take great pains to make sure that people understand this fact. Enjoy the memories and enjoy the ride, reliving the moments of when you first came to know and love the



Guitar Instruction

JT Phillips is a Guitar Teacher, working both with private students and at the 4/4 School of Music, a private music school. Contact JT directly at [email protected] for Private Guitar Lessons at The Fremont Troll Studios in Seattle, WA

Or visit www.44school.com for details about lessons, locations and the fun that can be had by becoming involved in playing a musical instrument. The school offers comprehensive lessons in all types and styles of music on a wide assortment of instruments.

“I’m very proud to be able to merge my passion for guitar and my education in teaching, to share a love of music with everyone I can.”