Sporadic Insanity was released Sept 24th 2016 continues the bands signature sound and pushes the band into new terrain. Produced and recorded by Jason Shavey at Synergy Studios in Seattle WA, the new songs push the sonic envelope and showcase the power and the energy that Klover Jane can deliver.  Check out the video for ‘Walk Away’ the first single from Sporadic Insanity EP here.

“On Sporadic Insanity, the band parlays the fine tuning gained by gigging into a slab of rocking attitude and musical proficiency that should appeal to a wide spectrum of rockers.” – July 5, 2016 Shawn Skager review on http://www.northwestmusicscene.net/ and like their screaming lyrics declare, KLOVER JANE is “Going To The Top”.

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Klover Jane hits in 2018 with their unique brand of 100% American Rock n’ Roll and are set to take the summer concert stage by storm. Armed with the ‘Sporadic Insanity’ EP released in 2016 and on the heels of their previous release ‘Sacred’ released in 2014 , KLOVER JANE is back to rock for the fans!

Listening to KLOVER JANE is like listening to the

“love child of Axl Rose and Andrew Wood,”

says an awestruck CJ Plain of TapDetroit, who hears in them a

“passion, fury and style, that’s long been missing from music.”

Even the hard to break Seattle Music Scene is forecasting national attention for their beloved KLOVER JANE.

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“In the distinct style of Soundgarden, Klover Jane’s wailing vocals and sludgy guitar demands you crank the volume up to 11.”

Jeva Lange – Seattle Weekly

“Rane is an incredible musician. His voice is the greatest thing to come out of Seattle in a decade.”

King 5’s Evening Magazine’s – Best of Western Washington


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